(CoE) Get the object list’s Description from EtherCAT Slave device to EtherCAT Master.


int getObjectDescription(uint16_t od_index, uint16_t *datatype, uint8_t *max_od_subindex, uint8_t *objcode, char *objname, size_t objname_size, uint32_t *abortcode = NULL, uint32_t timeout_us = ECAT_DEFAULT_COE_TIMEOUT_US);


EthercatDevice_XXX slave;


  • uint16_t od_index: CANOpen Object index.
  • uint16_t *datatype: Object’s data type.
  • uint8_t *max_od_subindex: The maximum CANOpen Object sub-index.
  • uint8_t *objcode: Object code.
  • char *objname: Buffer of the object’s name.
  • size_t objname_size: Buffer length of the object’s name.
  • uint32_t *abortcode: SDO abort code pointer.
  • uint32_t timeout_us: Timeout, unit for microsecond.


Int: >=0 for Length of Object name; if the return value is smaller than 0 means error.

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