• Built-in Isolated 16 channel Digital Input
  • DI Load Voltage Rating Up to 56VDC
  • 2500 Vrms Isolation Voltage Protection
  • Internal Monitoring Hardware Information
  • Support EtherCAT Distributed Clock (DC) Mode
  • EtherCAT Conformance test tool verified
  • Operating Temperature -20 to +70 °C
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ICOP’s QEC RXXD series are standard industrial EtherCAT slave digital I/O modules, with standalone isolated design on each channel to protect from harmful interference and influences critical environment. The modules offer a wide variety of I/O channels that can be intermixed between 4, 8, 12 and up to 16 I/O channels, also providing custom service to save unnecessary components cost.

Comply with EtherCAT Conformance Test Tool (ET9400), the QEC-RXXD is qualified and can be cooperated with the EtherCAT master systems for quickly implement in industrial applications.

Capable up to 100 µs EtherCAT cycle time, as well as the Distributed Clock (DC) mode, QEC-RXXD is aimed for high precision and synchronous applications requirement. Designed with the up-to-date silicon components, it also reduce heat generation and extend product life while also providing automatic internal status monitoring, including voltage, current and operating temperature, to help provide effective carbon footprint tracking.


For the Digital Input of QEC RXXD series, the maximum input frequency is 8KHz, it equipped with various of optional features, including polarity separated digital input channel pins, input wire break detection lines and up to 2500Vrms ESD isolation protection.


QEC-RXXD offers users an easy way to update the firmware via FOE and features two networks available for EtherCAT Cable Redundancy. The module status can be indicated by LEDs for troubleshooting and verifying I/O status. Also provides flexible installation and efficient I/O channel configurations for connectivity, reducing infrastructure and operating costs, and can be deployed in network topologies such as star, line, or ring.

QEC-RXXD measures 107.45 x 77.4 x 30 mm, and supports standard system operation from -20 to +70°C and optional -40 to +85°C. It can be easily installed by Din Rail mounting kit and features a European-style terminal block that provides easy installation and removable wiring terminals for easy deployment.

重さ 245 g
サイズ 105 × 66 × 30 mm


Digital Input/Output
チャンネル 16 (Isolated Channel)
入力/出力 タイプ Sink
Frequency 8 KHz
DI – Delay Propagation delay time: 150 ns
DI – Load Voltage Max. 56VDC
コネタク 16-channel Push-in Terminal (Euroblock)
コネクタ色 Positive: Red (Input), Negative: Black
プロトコル EtherCAT (RJ-45 x 2)
Ethernet 規格 IEEE 802.3
通信速度 100Mbps
電源コネクタ 6-pin Power Input/Output
所要電力 +19 to +50VDC Power Input (Typ. +24VDC@100mA)
消費電力 2 W
LED 表示機 PWR, RUN, LINK, ERROR, DI status
Isolation Protection, Optocoupler Digital Input: 2500 Vrms
動作温度範囲 -20 to +70 °C
寸法 105 x 66 x 30mm (Without DIN-Rail)
重量 265 g
インストール方法 DIN rail
Internal Monitoring Temperature, Voltage, Current




Ordering Information:

  • QEC-R00DF0H-N: EtherCAT Slave 16-ch High-speed Digital Input Module
  • QEC-R00DF0H-C: EtherCAT Slave 16-ch High-speed Digital Input Module (board with coating)
  • QEC-R11DF0H-N: EtherCAT Slave 16-ch High-speed Digital Input Module/PoE


QEC-R11DF0H-N(I-Appearance Diagram 1.0)