• Suitable for EtherCAT protocol
  • 16-ch Digital Input / 16-ch MOS Relay Digital Output
  • 1500 Vrms Optical Isolation for each Digital I/O
  • Vp/Vs Dual Isolated Power Input with Redundancy backup
  • Wire-break detection for DI
  • LED indicators for I/O status
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ICOP Technology Inc. will proudly release a brand-new product series, the QEC series, conforming to the standard EtherCAT protocol. The QEC-RxxD series are industrial EtherCAT slave Digital I/O modules equipped with the EtherCAT protocol, reducing infrastructure and operation costs. All the modules can be deployed in the network topologies such as star, line, or ring. The isolated input and output design protect the QEC-RxxD against harmful interference and the environment.

QEC-RxxD’s use of the latest Digital Input components reduces heat generation and extends service life. The EtherCAT Slave Digital Input and Digital Output modules can be matched with any of the 4 8 12 16 channels, totaling a maximum of 16ch, providing customized services to save the cost of unnecessary parts. Each channel is completely isolated, simplifying the design of isolated signals between the entire system. The QEC-RxxD has passed and verified by the conformance test tool; therefore, eligible EtherCAT Master or configurator can manipulate it and implement your various applications quickly.


Model Name QEC-R00DF0S QEC-R00D88S QEC-R00D0FS
I/O Type (Digital) Input Input & Output Output
Channel 16-ch 8-ch Input/8-ch Output 16-ch
Input/Output Type Sinking
DI – Frequency 500Hz
DI – Wire-break detection Option
DI – Voltage 24V – 56V
DO – MOS Relay MOS-FET Relay
DO – Frequency Frequency: 400Hz
DO – Load Voltage 60V (AC peak/DC)
DO – Load Current 1A (Optional to 2A)
Isolation Protection,
2000Vrms DI: 2000Vrms
DO: 1500Vrms
Connector Color Positive: Red
Negative: Black
Positive: Red/Orange
Negative: Black
Positive: Orange
Negative: Black
Protocol EtherCAT
Connector 2 x RJ-45
6-pin Power Input /Output
16-ch Push-in Terminal
Transmission Rate 100Mbps
Power Requirement +24VDC @ 220mA (Typ.)
Power Consumption 5W
LED Indicator PWR, RUN, DI status
Operating Temperature -20°C to +70 °C
Dimension 105 x 66 x 30mm (Without DIN-Rail)
Installation DIN rail


DI IEC 61131-2, DIN VDE V 0884-11, UL 1577, IEC 60950-1, IEC 62368-1, IEC 61010-1, and GB 4943.1-2011
DO UL 94 V-0, UL Recognized, CSA Certified, EN/IEC 60950-1

Ordering Information

QEC-R00D0FS-N 16-ch Digital Output
QEC-R00D4CS-N 12-ch Digital Output & 4-ch Digital input
QEC-R00D88S-N 8-ch Digital Output & 8-ch Digital input
QEC-R00DC4S-N 4-ch Digital Output & 12-ch Digital input
QEC-R00DF0S-N 16-ch Digital input