• 適用於 EtherCAT 協議
  • Support 2.5” and 3.5” TFT LCD
  • Support EtherCAT Cable Redundancy
  • Support two-isolated Power
  • Support Complete Library
  • I/O 狀態的 LED 指示燈
貨號: QEC-R00UN01-N 分類: 標籤:

QEC-R00UN01-N is an EtherCAT Slave module that can support TFT LCD and compatibility with Arduino display library in EtherCAT way on 86Duino 500.

支援協議 EtherCAT
接口 2.54mm 8-pin Female for VCC3/VCC/GND signal
2.54mm 8-pin Female for A0-A6/GND signal
2.54mm 10-pin Female for I2C/PWM signal
2.54mm 8-pin Female for PWM/TX/RX signal
2 x RJ-45 (EtherCAT Input and Output)
6-pin Power Terminal Block
傳輸速率 100Mbps
電源需求 +24VDC @ 220mA (Typ.)
耗電量 1.2W
LED指示燈 EtherCAT Status
操作溫度 0°C to +50 °C
尺寸 90 x 58 x 20mm
重量 40g (Without LCD)