Returns the Machine to the home point.

If config_HomePins is configured, the machine moves in the negative direction of x, y, and z axes until it touches the limit switch and sets that position as the home point.

If config_HomePins is not configured, the machine will take the current position as home point.




Machine: Machine object.

No parameter.




Set the basic parameters of the machine and move the machine to the Home point.

#include "Motion86.h"
// Produce machine parts for up to machine 0~2 three machines, each machine with three axes. 
Machine machine(0);
// Stepper motor enable pin.
int EnablePin = 4;
void setup() {
  while (!Serial);
  pinMode(EnablePin, OUTPUT);
  // If necessary, the direction of motion of the motion axis can be reversed.
  // PPU (pulse per unit) is a virtual length unit, depending on the requirements.
  // The unit length of the x-axis is set to 80 pulses, which corresponds to 1 mm for actual application.
  machine.config_PPU(AXIS_X, 80.0);
  machine.config_PPU(AXIS_Y, 80.0);
  machine.config_PPU(AXIS_Z, 1600.0);
  // Set the software limits for the machine movement.
  machine.config_PosLimit(AXIS_X, 0, 300);
  machine.config_PosLimit(AXIS_Y, 0, 200);
  machine.config_PosLimit(AXIS_Z, 0, 300);
  // Set the pin used to set the limit switch for the home point.
  machine.config_HomePins(2, 7, 8);
  // Before control, the machine must be started.
  // Set the default feed rate.
  // Start the software limits.
  // Set the feed rate to return to the home point.
  machine.setHomeSpeed(1000, 1000, 200);
  // Start the stepper motor.
  digitalWrite(EnablePin, LOW);
  // Return to the home point defined by the limit switch.
void loop() {
  // Motion control code...

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