Save the contents of the offsets[] array as a servo offset trim file that can be loaded by the ServoFrame.



  • myoffset: the object of ServoOffsetKondo type.
  • filename: The specified file name. Note: The file will be saved to the root directory of the SD card. If your 86Duino is not inserted into the SD card, the storage will fail.


  • true: The file was saved successfully.
  • false: File saving failed.


#include <Servo86.h>
ServoOffsetKondo myoffset;
void setup()
   myoffset.offsets[0] = -200; // Set the servo offset fine-tuning value
   myoffset.offsets[1] = 50;
   myoffset.offsets[2] = -100;"offsets.txt"); // save the offset fine-tuning value to "offsets.txt" in the root directory of SD card
void loop() {}

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