• Compatible with 2.4″ and 3.5″ TFT LCD
  • EtherCAT Cable Redundancy
  • Power Redundancy on two sets of isolated power inputs
  • Internal Monitoring Hardware Information
  • EtherCAT Conformance test tool verified
  • Operating Temperature -0 to +50 °C
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The modern industrial landscape demands not just powerful, but also versatile components that can integrate seamlessly into a myriad of applications. The QEC-R11UN01 EtherCAT Slave module is a shining example, offering compatibility with both 2.4″ and 3.5″ TFT LCD screens. This adaptability ensures users have the flexibility to select the display size best suited to their application needs, be it compact setups or ones that require a larger display.


Another standout feature is the module’s EtherCAT Cable Redundancy. In today’s fast-paced, mission-critical environments, even a single point of communication failure can lead to significant downtime. The cable redundancy of the QEC-R11UN01 ensures communication remains consistent, reducing the risk of interruptions. The added assurance of EtherCAT Conformance Test Tool verification further solidifies the module’s place as a reliable component, guaranteeing that it meets the stringent standards of EtherCAT technology.

Power management is another area where the QEC-R11UN01 excels. In scenarios where continuous operation is paramount, having a secondary power source is crucial. This module provides power redundancy across two sets of isolated power inputs. Should one power source experience issues, the module can seamlessly switch to the secondary input, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

Incorporating internal monitoring of hardware information, the QEC-R11UN01 offers users the advantage of real-time diagnostics. This feature enables timely troubleshooting by providing insights into the module’s operations, allowing maintenance teams to address and rectify potential issues swiftly.

Lastly, the module’s design is robust, catering to a range of environmental conditions. With an operating temperature spectrum from -0 to +50 °C, it’s equipped to function optimally in diverse settings, from cool server rooms to warmer industrial environments.

In essence, the QEC-R11UN01 EtherCAT Slave module is a harmonious blend of display versatility, advanced EtherCAT features, and redundancy measures. Its ability to function in varied temperatures and its emphasis on real-time diagnostics make it an indispensable asset for industries aiming for seamless, uninterrupted operations.

重さ 40 g
サイズ 90 × 58 × 20 mm


I/O Connector Pins 2.54mm 8-pin Female for VCC3/VCC/GND signal
2.54mm 8-pin Female for A0-A6/GND signal
2.54mm 10-pin Female for I2C/PWM signal
2.54mm 8-pin Female for PWM/TX/RX signal
Connector Push-in Terminal (Euroblock)
Protocol EtherCAT (RJ-45 x 2)
Ethernet Standard IEEE 802.3
Transmission Rate 100Mbps
Power Connector 4-pin Power Input/Output
Power Requirement +19 to +50VDC Power Input (Typ. +24VDC@20mA)
Power Consumption Min. 0.48 W
Operating Temperature -0 to +50 °C
Dimension 90 x 58 x 20 mm
Weight 40 g (Without LCD)
Internal Monitoring Temperature, Voltage, Current

QEC-R11UN01.xml (ESI)





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