Stop the rotating servo. When this function is called, the servo will stop spinning at the current position, and the target angle and time set will be cleared, and the current angle will be considered as the target angle.

The behavior of this function is different from pause(), you cannot resume the servo by resume(), you have to reset the target angle and call one of run() and write() to start the servo.

Please note that the servo will still be rotating after stopping, so please do not rotate it by hand, otherwise the servo will be damaged.




servo: Variable of the AIServo type.




#include <AIServo86.h>
AIServoPort(ROBOTIS, AX12) bus;
AIServo myservo;
void setup()
   bus.begin(Serial3, 1000000);
   myservo. attach(bus, 3);
   myservo.write(150); // turn the servo 150 degrees; // start the servo
void loop()
   myservo.setPosition(280, 2000); // Set the target angle of the servo: 280 degrees, time: 2 seconds
   myservo. run();
   delay(1000); // make the servo rotate for 1 second
   myservo.stop(); // stop the servo

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