How to package EtherCAT Slave data into MySQL and send it out using the network on the Arduino platform?

The QEC uses the Vortex86EX2 processor. The Vortex86EX2 divides the internal architecture into two blocks, CPU Master and CPU Slave. The CPU Master and CPU Slave are used to exchanging data between the CPUs via Inter-process Communication.
* The architecture of the QEC system is configured with Redundancy.


• CPU Master:

The CPU Master collects the data from the CPU Slave and connects it to an external network via Ethernet. The CPU Master collects the data from CPU Slave and uploads it to a remote server or database (e.g., Apache, MySQL, MariaDB) via Ethernet.

• CPU Slave:

The CPU Slave is the core of the EtherCAT Master operation. It uses the Ethernet to connect to an external EtherCAT Slave device to collect real-time data from the EtherCAT Slave and send it back to the CPU Master.

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