Save the current Frame to the specified file.



  • aiservoframerobotis: Variant of the AIServoFrameRobotis type.
  • filename: 86Duino Frame file name. Please note that the file can only be saved to the root of the SD card. If your 86Duino does not have an SD card, saving will fail.


  • true: File saving successfully.
  • false: File saving failed.


#include <AIServo86.h>
AIServoFrameRobotis myframe;
void setup()
   myframe.positions[0] = 180; // set Frame content
   myframe. positions[1] = 130;
   myframe. positions[2] = 200;"frm0.txt"); // save the action frame to "frm0.txt" in the root directory of SD card
void loop() {}

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