Why use the Arduino API Based development environment?

It has been more than 18 years since the release of Arduino in 2003, and its focus is on non-electronic professionals who can write I/O control programs on this platform. Because of the low unit price, easy to buy, and open-source software, the learning threshold is low, so it has become the choice of the entry-level educational environment.

In 2006, Scratch (a drag-and-drop block program editing software) was developed, which simplifies writing programs. It is foreseeable that in the future, the way to write control programs is to use Scratch to pull building blocks or to write code directly with Arduino API so that automatic control can be accomplished without a deep understanding of the underlying implementation.




In most cases, understanding the problem, mathematical modeling, and collecting and cleaning data is the purpose of writing programs. Writing programs is only a tiny part of the software development process.

In recent years, countries have started to teach Scratch and Arduino from childhood, and in the future, the programming language that everyone has learned should be “Scratch + Arduino”. When students of this generation graduate and start to enter the job market as budding engineers, they will be the target of companies’ recruitment. As for the professional electrical and electronic departments, the number of graduates is limited. Those master engineers are hired mainly by large companies with high salaries, so it is difficult for small companies to compete.

These are the reasons why we chose to use the Arduino API Based development environment.

To get started the Engineer programming: Getting Started – 86Duino


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