• DM&P Vortex86EX2 Processor, Master 533MHz/Slave 400MHz
  • EtherCAT Master Core runs on dedicated CPU
  • Hardware/Software Real-time
  • 86Duino 統合開発環境 (IDE)
  • Up to 128 axes support for motion control
  • Internal Monitoring Hardware Information
  • Operating temperature -20 to +70°C/-40 to +85°C (Option)
  • 3LAN/USB/MicroUSB/RS485/Audio
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QEC-M-01 is an EtherCAT master with real-time, reliable, and synchronous control. And the industrial Arduino makes it an easy-to-develop, stable, and economical automation system, allowing users to develop EtherCAT quickly.


The QEC master is highly compatible with third-party EtherCAT devices for communication, such as servo, I/O, etc. For taking full advance of EtherCAT, It supports PDO, CoE, FoE, DC, and EtherCAT cable redundancy to use other EtherCAT slaves flexibly. The QEC master has precise synchronization (min.125μs), and its 86Duino IDE provides less than 1us jitter time in the minimum cycle time; it could apply to highly synchronized and precision automatic applications, like motion control and I/O control. (Read More: EtherCAT Master’s Benchmark – QEC)

QEC-M-01 has a built-in high endurance 2GB SLC eMMC, designed to provide a stable and reliable operating system. Users can upload the developed executable files and required images or data, such as HMI images, to the QEC-M-01’s SLC via the 86Duino IDE without affecting the performance of the master system.
QEC-M-01 can also monitor hardware information on temperature, voltage, and current. These features allow users to track the system’s carbon footprint and estimate its lifespan.


QEC-M-01’s dimension is 107.45 x 77.39 x 34 mm, could be mounted via Din-Rail. Operating temperature is from -20°C to +70°C; it can be placed directly in the field outdoors and ensures that the machine can work in harsh environments.


QEC-M-01 has two networks for EtherCAT Cable Redundancy, one Giga LAN for external network connection, RS485 signal pins, HD Audio, and USB; All provide an off-the-shelf API to use. Users can quickly collect data over EtherCAT and transfer data to a server via Giga LAN, and then big data can easily to construct by MySQL Library.

In addition, users can connect their existing systems via RS485 signals, such as PLC or CNC.

重さ 270 g
サイズ 107.45 × 77.39 × 34 mm


CPU DM&P Vortex86EX2 Processor, Master 533MHz/Slave 400MHz
メモリ 512MB/1GB DDRIII Onboard
ストレージ 32MB SPI Flash/2GB SLC eMMC
LAN 1Gbps Ethernet RJ45 x1
10/100Mbps Ethernet RJ45 x2 for EtherCAT
I/O コネクタ Power DC Input/Output コネクタ x1
USB 2.0 Host x1
Micro USB (Type-B) x1 (Upload/Debug only)
Audio コネクタ x1
RS485 x1
RJ45 x3
プロトコル EtherCAT (EtherCAT Master Functions: PDO, CoE, DC, Cable-redundancy, etc.)
Ethernet 規格 IEEE 802.3
Control Cycle Time 125 µs (min.)
電源コネクタ 6-pin Power Input /Output
所要電力 +19 to +50VDC Power Input (Typ. +24VDC)
消費電力 5W
動作温度範囲 -20 to +70°C/-40 to +85°C (Option)
寸法 107.45 x 77.39 x 34 mm
重量 270 g
マウント方法 DIN-Rail
Internal Monitoring Temperature, Voltage, Current
ソフトウエア・サポート 86Duino Coding IDE 500+
(The environment is written in Java and based on Arduino IDE, Processing, DJGPP, and other open-source software)



Ordering Part Number:

  • QEC-M-01: Vortex86EX2 Processor 533MHz-based EtherCAT Master System
  • QEC-M-01P: Vortex86EX2 Processor 533MHz-based EtherCAT Master System/PoE
  • QEC-M-01P-G4-X-C: Vortex86EX2 Processor 533MHz-based EtherCAT Master System/PoE/1G DDRIII Memory/4G eMMC Storage/Wide Temp./Coating



QEC-M-01(I-Appearance Diagram 1.0)